Getting Support

We believe the world of device customization should be available to everyone, from power users to newbies. With that belief comes an understanding that you might come across some issues.

In order to ensure everything goes smoothly as possible, we ask that you please follow the below installation guides. This will help you get proper support for your issue.

Additionally, we also have a Telegram channel, which you can join by clicking here. If you request support in the Telegram channel, it is a requirement to read the FAQ section below. Failure to do this may result in your request for support being ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having issues with Magisk after doing a factory reset

If you have done a factory reset via stock recovery, this usually causes issues with Magisk after reinstallation.

If you are experiencing this, you will need to replace your patched ramdisk.img with the stock ramdisk.img from your device (you would’ve backed this up when patching your ramdisk.img in Magisk). Once you have flashed your stock ramdisk.img, you will need to boot up once with it. Once you do this, you may then re-flash your patched ramdisk.img via fastboot, or use Magisk Manager to patch and install). Magisk should then work without issue.

Do you support VoLTE?

No, and there are currently no plans to add this functionality. Our developers do not live in countries where VoLTE is widely used, so it is extremely difficult to properly develop this capability. Additionally, the majority of our users cannot use or do not need VoLTE. We only have so many developers, and their time is taken up fixing bugs which affect larger numbers of users.

Do I need to wipe data to update my ROM?

No. As long as your ROM is the same flavour (LOS, Omni, etc.), then you can simply flash the new system.img via fastboot. You can refer to the ROM installation instructions here if you need a refresher.

However, if you are switching ROM flavours (such as going from LOS to RROS for example), then you will need to perform a data wipe.

Can I flash the ROMs on my P20, P20 Pro, Honor 10 (or any other device running EMUI 8.1)?

No. There will be an EMUI 8.1 compatible version in the future, but the current versions of OpenKirin ROMs do not support these devices.

Can I flash OpenKirin ROMs with TWRP?

In short, no. We only support flashing the ROM via fastboot, as indicated in the installation guide. If you decide to ignore this advice and use TWRP to flash to ROM, keep in mind that should anything go wrong, we will not be able to support you. Period.