Before downloading one of our builds, ensure you have read and understood the installation guide, that your device is supported (see supported devices). If your device requires a specific build, if will be noted below. Failing to follow these directions may cause serious damage to your device!

Note: Please ensure when verifying checksums you are verifying the extracted .img file, not the compressed file, or they will not match.

EMUI 9-based Builds:

NOTE: These builds are to be used ONLY if your device is running EMUI 9, whether it came with it or if you upgraded your device to EMUI 9. If your device is NOT running EMUI 9, then please use one of the many EMUI 8-based builds below, as the EMUI 9-based builds WILL NOT work on your device.

AOSP 10 Preview 2

Released December 02, 2019 - 557.99MB

md5 Checksum: f1943d26359d696fe30bba5b3ded15bf

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  • Updated system security patch (Dec 2019)
  • Added support for preserving systemized apps across upgrades.
  • Added matlog app from OmniROM for getting debugging logs
  • Added QuickSwitch for quickly changing out recents providers.
  • Minor bugfixes. (Sorry, the camera is not yet fixed on Kirin 659/7xx devices.)

AOSP 10 Preview 1

Released November 05, 2019 - 552.35MB

md5 Checksum: 8abca97176f2ef5a664fcf9c5afb3d47

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  • Initial release. Minimal gapps included, no setup wizard, only Play Store visible.
  • Tested on Mate 9 and P10, both EMUI 9.0 and 9.1 base systems.

OmniROM Beta 5

Released July 21, 2019 - 780.51MB

md5 Checksum: 7f4bce971874b9ab6b7f7ad2a2bf4321

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  • Security patch update (July 2019)
  • Remove broken Widevine L1 support
  • NEW: Variant without GApps. This build comes without GApps built in – just straight OmniROM. MD5: 5f4d75bb1ebeccec7f9e64c4b6cfa50

OmniROM Beta 4

Released July 04, 2019 - 780.5MB

md5 Checksum: 51fd111bcc9242d453ce314216b6daa5

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  • New security patch (June 5, 2019)

OmniROM Beta 3

Released May 27, 2019 - 780.47MB

md5 Checksum: 95746914680f75333276a15ad487d951

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  • Security patch date fixed (now correctly reads May 2019)
  • Audio fixes for Kirin 980

OmniROM Beta 2

Released May 12, 2019 - 780.3MB

md5 Checksum: 2049ecc3a724c2f6e14ef16d5a23284b

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  • Minor sepolicy changes
  • Device model now properly showing up (instead of “piegsi”). If installed as an update, your device name won’t change (it will still say “piegsi”), but most other places in the UI which display the device name will show the correct model.
  • All OmniROM updates through May 12. (EDIT: Build says security patch is April, because of a glitch in the build process. Actual security patch is May.)

OmniROM Beta 1

Released April 20, 2019 - 777.09MB

md5 Checksum: 0998291356a37433a9c90177a583bb2f

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  • Initial release
  • Supports OTA updates: see System / System Updates.
  • Included GApps, stock Huawei camera (uses your device-specific build if available). SafetyNet passes out of box. Requires EMUI 9 vendor.

Resurrection Remix OS 7.0.1 Beta 1

Released April 13, 2019

md5 Checksum: fd09b33dedd4f3ba528a2587e40f1a50

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* initial release

Notes: inlcudes GApps, stock Huawei camera and passes SafetyNet out of the box. For EMUI9 vendor only.

EMUI 8-based Builds:

OmniROM Pie Alpha 6.2

Released November 25, 2019 - 562.87MB

md5 Checksum: a97f861a26ca7f7b996e0f88b238fbf0

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  • Updated Android System Security patch level to 11-05-2019 (5th October 2019).
  • Fix Deep Sleep issue (I’ve been only able to test this on hi3650, please report if it’s still an issue on your device).
  • Fix healthd reporting incorrect battery stats.
  • Merged in latest OmniROM specific changes (11th November, 2019), such as but not limited to, volume buttons music control, lock screen charging information, etc.
  • 6.2 Downgrade included GApps to fix Setup crash. If you’re upgrading from Alpha 6, you might need to perform a factory reset to mitigate high system usage or battery consumption after boot/restart.
  • 6.2 Add back Face Unlock and remove Google app as system.
  • 6.2 Preliminary notification LED support. It’s still a little broken but it works sometimes for some apps. You can configure color in Settings > Apps > Notification Settings.
  • Note If Deep Sleep fails to work for you, try restricting ‘Prevent device from sleep’ permission for Google Play Services using AppOps.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 5.2

Released February 08, 2019 - 637.08MB

md5 Checksum: 73b13d478babac116a9dfca97ed6bff6

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  • Changes from Alpha 5 to Alpha 5.2 are marked with NEW
  • OmniROM Pie changes through Feb. 8 with February security patch (NEW: Was Feb. 5 with January security patch.)
  • Fixed crash in Smart Key settings on Honor 8. (NEW: Derp on my part. This is now saving it’s value properly.)
  • Added persistent toggle to device settings for disable HW overlays; defaults on for hi3650 devices.
  • Camera: fixed save to external SD card.
  • Camera: hi3650 tweaks (beauty mode causing app crash should be resolved)
  • Minor tweaks to sd card support (exfat seems to work a little better now)
  • Bluetooth tweaks for Huawei BLE timeout error (NEW; Thanks @Hackintosh5)
  • Tweak to libc for dealing with certain Huawei vendor libs; fixes crashes on certain devices [Mate 10 Pro exhibited this] (NEW)
  • Note: If you are using Substratum, please disable overlays before updating.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 4

Released February 03, 2019 - 636.88MB

md5 Checksum: 36b3374ceae0f788065a4a698ac224d4

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  • Updated to current security patch (2019-01-05)
  • Added Google Setup Wizard & restore function. (Minor known issue: if you choose to not restore, the restore step sticks around and leaves a persistent notification until reboot. Reboot or force stop the app from notifications to clear.)
  • Added fast charging toggle in device settings
  • Added smart key support for Honor 8
  • Added extended display size support (Settings / OmniGears / Bars / Enable Scaling)

OmniROM Pie Alpha 3

Released December 22, 2018 - 627.02MB

md5 Checksum: b9979fdf4484c55039f839010b2fa6c2

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  • Hotspot now functional; 2.4GHz only for the moment.
  • OmniROM changes through Dec. 19. System security patch December 5, 2018.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 2

Released November 18, 2018 - 627.17MB

md5 Checksum: 1132ba6942b28ea426b5c6cf5de3f648

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  • Flashlight fix.
  • Gapps updated. Digital Wellbeing included.
  • Face Unlock now working (Settings / Security / Smart Lock)
  • Kirin 950 front camera crash fixed (at least on Mate 8)
  • Kirin 950 blur issue worked around (“Disable HW Overlays” is automatically enabled at startup on these devices.)
  • All OmniROM changes up through Nov. 18; security patch November 5, 2018.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 1

Released October 27, 2018 - 597.54MB

md5 Checksum: abc3215972b6dc7175cce2ed00080408

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  • Initial release.

OmniROM Beta 3.1

Released September 30, 2018 - 647.85MB

md5 Checksum: 67f2205556f88d2a58e26784511b7e65

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  • NFC fix for various devices (Huawei didn’t always put NFC configs in /odm, some existed in /product/etc/nfc instead.)

Resurrection Remix OS Beta 3

Released September 27, 2018 - 575.05MB

md5 Checksum: cca8c8cd4cc3da51e14f6fca77d0382f

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  • fixed in-call mute (Thanks to Flex1911)
  • fixed ussd codes (Thanks to Flex1911)
  • fixed network switch on hi3650 based devices
  • added the option to disable fast charging (Settings -> About -> OpenKirin)
  • september 2018 security patches
  • based on final rr 6.2.0 sources
  • REUPLOAD: fixed screen tearing on hi3650

OmniROM Beta 3

Released September 23, 2018 - 647.55MB

md5 Checksum: 1f5b68ff16f2542b3cd450e6318969a9

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  • All OmniROM changes since last release (Jul 22 – Sep 23). Security patch 2018-09-05
  • Attempted fix for in-call audio mute.
  • Attempted fix for USSD codes
  • Tweaked BT stack for use with Sony BT headphones on some device / vendor combinations (if you’ve got a pair of Sony bluetooth headphones and HD audio fails to work correctly, as root: “setprop persist.sys.bluetooth.disable_ldac true”, then toggle bluetooth off / on)

Resurrection Remix OS Beta 2

Released August 12, 2018 - 574.88MB

md5 Checksum: 5edabfbf323953e0572ad8d4e0443e0c

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  • RROS by openkirin is official now.
  • fixed/improved fingerprint gestures (custom actions)
  • added better support for H9 hw keys, the fps gestures now match up with emui gesture behaviour by default – long press fps: assistant – short press: home
  • added support for H8 smart key click (gesture can be customized in OpenKirin settings)
  • added ambient display gestures: pick-up, pocket and hand wave aswell as the regular ambient display notification screen
  • introducing full hi3650 platform support (Honor 8, Honor Note 8, Huawei P9 / P9 Plus, Huawei Mate 8) which includes fully working camera, network switch
  • burn-in protection for oled based screens
  • p20 lite notch support
  • improved GPS
  • fixed DRM
  • fixed Bluetooth keeps force closing issue on some devices
  • august system security patches
  • latest sources from 12/08/2018
  • further improvements i probably don’t remember

LineageOS Beta 5

Released August 11, 2018 - 599.6MB

md5 Checksum: 0d95e778a1b5ad43e5488428bd9ae835

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  • Introducing FPS gesture customization (Note: devices with front mounted fps scanners do not have double click, swipe up/down gesture – so they are disabled by default and can’t be customized)
  • Added better support for H9 hw keys, the fps gestures now match up with emui gesture behaviour by default – long press fps: assistant – short press: home
  • Added support for H8 smart key click (gesture can be customized in OpenKirin settings)
  • Added ambient display gestures: pick-up, pocket and hand wave aswell as the regular ambient display notification screen
  • Introducing full hi3650 platform support (Honor 8, Honor Note 8, Huawei P9 / P9 Plus, Huawei Mate 8) which includes fully working camera, network switch
  • improved GPS
  • fixed DRM
  • includes inbuilt support for tablets (e.g. freeform windows, special navbar layout)
  • burn-in protection for oled based screens
  • p20 lite notch support
  • fixed Bluetooth keeps force closing issue on some devices
  • August system security patch level
  • further improvements i probably don’t remember

OmniROM Beta 2

Released July 22, 2018 - 536.49MB

md5 Checksum: d87452510ca8b0970264e29801695f6d

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  • Fingerprint gestures: “Fingerprint reader not found” fixed.
  • Fingerprint gestures: Added settings for expanding notifications, quick settings, collapse notifications.
  • Fingerprint gestures: Added setting for disabling vibration on gesture.
  • GPS: Added /system/etc/gps.conf for GPS initialization
  • OmniROM: All changes in OmniROM change log between 13 July and 22 July.
  • Settings: Display vendor patch level in Settings next to system patch level.
  • Substratum: Implemented full Substratum support.
  • System: Exfat support for SD card.
  • System: Remove QuickSearchBox (it’s old and crusty and looks nasty). System now uses Google quick search in Velvet.apk.
  • For Substratum, disable all built-in overlays by using Settings -> OmniGears -> Style -> SystemUI Style and setting it to “Light Mode”.
  • On Kirin950 devices, reboot after the first boot on the new ROM has completed to fix the camera.

LineageOS Beta 4

Released June 11, 2018 - 1.47GB

md5 Checksum: 17be817813aebef5a876566d89ff5d0a

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  • Fixed /init problem
  • Fixed Wi-Fi display
  • Fixed cell signal strength
  • Fixed gallery preview from EMUI camera app
  • Fixed wrong fast charging values for Hi3660/Hi6250 devices (no more burnt hands!)
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity
  • Headphone issues should be fixed
  • Implemented black (yes, real black) base theme
  • June platform security patches
  • Upstreamed latest LineageOS sources from June 11th, 2018
  • Fixed GPS issues on P10/P10 Plus devices
  • AOD (always-on display) is added for Mate 9 Pro/Mate 10 Pro (turned off by default)
  • Fingerprint enrolment page now displays the correct sensor location
  • Recents menu lag should be fixed for some lower-end devices (e.g. P10 Lite)