OpenKirin is a team of developers who believe that a pure, AOSP Android experience should be easily available for users running Huawei devices with Kirin chipsets. Developing AOSP builds for Kirin can often be challenging due to the implementation of Android on Kirin devices. However, our team is dedicated to overcoming these challenges and providing high-quality builds which can be used as a daily driver with confidence.

Team OpenKirin

Alexander Pohl
Lead Developer/Maintainer
XDA: OldDroid

Kyle McGrath
Web Developer / Site Admin
XDA: Bloodlvst

Muhammad Fahad Baig
XDA: hackslash

Diederik Noordhuis
XDA: AntiEngineer

Sarah Vandomelen
XDA: irony_delerium

Eduardo Alonso
XDA: XePeleato

Surdu Petru
XDA: surdu_petru

Telegram Moderation Team:

Running our group chats wouldn’t be possible without the help of these dedicated moderators!@agraceful

All of our team’s software is available free of charge. No payment is required or expected, but should you wish to buy us a beer to show your appreciation, you can use the link below. We appreciate it!